How To Defend And Attack Against Standing Or Ground Chokes With These Easy Step By Step Videos Taught By A Pro Instructor

Choke Attacks & Defenses

Dear Self Defense Enthusiast

What would you do if suddenly you felt someone’s hands around your neck … squeezing tight?

Think quick … because you have less than 4 seconds before you pass out (even less if they’ve got you in an armbar choke).

Would you know what to do if the choke came from the front?

How about the side?

… Or what if they came from the back?

Learn All Major Choke Releases In 4 Steps

The bad news is … if you don’t know what to do, you’re in trouble. A lot of trouble!

Worse … the more you struggle, the tighter the choke gets … causing you to pass out faster.

And these are just the simple 2 hand chokes I’m talking about.

We haven’t covered armbar chokes, chokes on the ground, chokes from the back … what if they placed their hands over your mouth while in a choke?

These are very dangerous situations to be in which is why we’ve made an entire course called ‘Standing Ad Ground Choke Defenses’

We’ll show you how to get out of chokes instantly, quickly and efficiently in less than 3-4 moves.

We’ll also show you how to quickly and aggressively counter attack your opponent at the same time … they literally won’t know what hit them.

Take A Look At What You Will Find Inside

No background knowledge required. Anyone can learn the skills to get out of both standing or ground chokes from the comfort of their own home with our easy system.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or which country you live in.

The course will allow you to have your very own encyclopedia at your fingertips whenever you need it or want to brush up on your skills.

With our standard step-by-step instructions plus our qualified instructor, we will help you learn quicker and with minimal stress doing so.

Here are the exact topics included inside the “Standing And Ground Choke Defenses” course…

I’ll Also Throw In This Additional Bonus

As well as learning the basics … you’ll also get access to our more advanced techniques unavailable elsewhere.

It’s called ‘The Ultimate Krav Maga Learning Center’.

Each problem has an easy solution with step by step images, descriptions and video clips showing you how to take your self-defense skills even further!

You will learn everything from disarming handguns, getting out of chokes, stick attacks, wrist release techniques and a whole lot more!

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After that it’s just $27/mth which you can cancel anytime yourself or by emailing us at:


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Ultimate Krav Maga Learning Center

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Here’s What Other Peope Think

Not really a confident guy so someone suggested learning self-defense techniques. I wasn’t keen on going to classes but online was a great option for me. Learning a lot as I go through each lesson and so glad I took the chance and purchased your course. Thank you

Clinton Burt

Learning all about self-defense has been a bit of a hobby of mine for a while but was having trouble locating a suitable course I liked. When I found Self Defense Connect it was a lot better than the rest. Easy to follow with the need to know information has made learning enjoyable again

Kyle Lewis

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It always better to be prepared and have the skills waiting in the background in case you ever need to defend yourself.

It can happen anywhere and anytime and living in a world where violence can be apart of everyday life these techniques might just be invaluable.

Life is worth living and it is never too late to learn a skill that could just save your life.

With that said grab yourself a copy and start learning the techniques today!

Warm Regards

Chris Elmore
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